M E E T   M E   T H E R E . . .

PDX  10.17.19 - 10.20.19

Hey Portland sweeties! I'm back for some fall time fun! Let"s get spooky!

NYC  10.23.19 - 10.28.19

Natalie's NYC Spooktacular! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday so I will be wearing a different costume every day in the month of October ;)

BOS  11.12.19 - 11.18.19

Fall for me like the leaves on a winding New England road.

T A K E   M E   T H E R E . . .

Let's go on an adventure together! Show me around your city or jet set with me to a new and exciting destination! Some of my favorite cities to visit are New Orleans, Boston, NYC, and Rome, though I love to explore new places! Please send an email to further enquire about fly-me-to-you or destination dates.