My favorite drill just died and I am in need of new tools to complete home and art projects. Also, home depot is having an amazing sale.

Mission: Journey to the magical kingdom of Home Depot Dot Com, retrieve treasure, and send to my castle (email)


Items to unlock reward:

Home Depot gift cards sent in advance of of time together (only Home Depot gift cards! There are specific treasures I am looking to acquire during their sale this week. Seriously, if you contact me saying silly shit like, "oHmErGaHd I oNlY hAvE a LoWeS gIfTcArD" I will ignore you mmk?)


Specific items listed below! Each item comes with its own reward!



Home Depot Gift Card

200  =  forty five minutes

300  =  ninty minutes

500  =  two hours

1200 =  overnight 


Specific items

Milwaukee M12 combo kit = one hour

Milwaukee M18 combo kit  = three hours or dinner/play date

*please contact me before acquiring any gift cards or items so I can give you proper directions for sending treasures.



Want to take advantage of this special, but don't have time in the very near future? No problem! You can send your gift card or item now and schedule a meeting later :) 

Check back often as my specific items may change!

Do you accept this quest? y/n