L  O  V  E  S   ♥


Movement and creativity are crucial elements of my life. This is just a little bit of what I like to get up to in my free time




-working on my car



-exploring new places

-makeup (special effects and pretty)




Scent is one of the few senses that we haven't managed to condense and send over wires. The only way to experience a scent is to BE there. These are just some notable smells I've enjoyed and/or encountered.  

-the smell of lightening strikes

-Book by Commodity (honestly any of their black label scents are just incredible)

-several years ago, a corpse flower bloomed at the conservatory and the lovely person standing guard allowed myself and a few others to stick our noses directly IN the gigantic flower. It was not nearly as unpleasant as I've been told, but unforgettable nonetheless




-Pinot Noir, much like myself, is an iron fist in a velvet glove. This grape has yet to disappoint!

-Pho Bac Súp Shop AKA The Boat Place

-Rare steak

-texas BBQ


-cold brew

-Any sour beer

-salmon sashimi

-circus peanuts (don't judge me!)

-mango sticky rice




-hummus and celery

-shepard's pie


-fromager d'affinois




-RPGs (sexy and regular)

-cards against humanity

-tipping street performers

-strip clubs

-sephora dates 



-Aquarium Zen

     I just ADORE this little fish shop! It's a great spot to stop on a social date since they get new fish and plants all the time. They are always working on a new scape so it's as much an art gallery as it is an aquarium shop. If you're looking for gift ideas, a gift card to this place is something i can always use.



     This is where I've acquired most of my favorite equipment. The better my camera, the better my n00dz ;)